WhatsupMadison.com uses a new concept in its listing format.

Every listing has a WhatsUp? graphic that links to a search engine.
This allows customers to connect to: Maps, Reviews, Articles, Angie’s List or
like recommendation companies, articles by news/magazines/other, coupons,
and much more!!
Only bar stuff in the bars category and only school stuff in the school category.
No selling tires in the bars pages. No selling food in the motors pages.

We have information listed in these categories..
Things To Do In Madison / Bars / Hotels / Restaurants / Fish Fry / Pizza 
/ Entertainment / Bands/DJs / Venues / Live Music Venues / Events 
/ News/TV/Radio/Mags / Movies / Party/Event/Wedding Services / Shopping 
/ Food/Drink/Grocery / Sports / Clothing / Music / Art / Jewelry / Automotive
/ Schools/Classes/Workshops / Services / Property / Automotive / Media
/ Event / Human / Apartments & Property For Rent / Transportation
/ Pet Stuff and much more!!

Use these 4 areas to navigate
WhatsupMadison.com on
your cell, tablet or computer.